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Elijah (Infant Milestones)

By Ireyes3
  • Born

  • 0-3 Months (FORM)

    0-3 Months (FORM)
    Elijah coos when mommy turn on the mobile
  • 0-3 Months (USE)

    0-3 Months (USE)
    Baby Elijah made eye contact with mommy when she was feeding him
  • 0-3 months (CONTENT)

    0-3 months (CONTENT)
    Elijah is starting to be more aware of objects and inspecting them by putting things such as his toys or his hands/feet in his mouth.
  • 3-6 months (Form)

    3-6 months (Form)
    Elijah squeals when mommy blows a raspberry on his stomach.
  • 3-6 Months (USE)

    3-6 Months (USE)
    When mommy takes pictures of Elijah she calls his name and he looks her way.
  • 3-6 months (CONTENT)

    3-6 months (CONTENT)
    Elijah realizes that his mom is smiling at him and imitates her by smiling back.
  • 6-9 months (USE)

    6-9 months (USE)
    When Elijah wants more fruit he signs "more" and when he's done he waves the sign "all done" or shakes head no.
  • 6-9 months (FORM)

    6-9 months (FORM)
    When mommy ask Elijah sister where his bottle is, Elijah turns his head recognizing the word bottle
  • 6-9 months (CONTENT)

    6-9 months (CONTENT)
    When mommy tells Elijah no, he understands what this means and that he is doing something he should not be doing and that he needs to stop.
  • 9-12 Months (FORM)

    9-12 Months (FORM)
    when sister gives Elijah the toy phone he puts his ear to the phone and starts to babble on.
  • 9-12 Months (CONTENT)

    9-12 Months (CONTENT)
    Today, Elijah made mommy very happy when he said his first word: "mama".
  • 9-12 Months (USE)

    9-12 Months (USE)
    Elijah points to the door when he wants to go play outside and says "bye" when mommy opens door to take him outside.