Electronics history

  • Harmonic Telegraph

    Harmonic Telegraph
    Alexander Grahman Bell discovered he could hear sound over a wire. This invention marked the birth of telephones
  • KDKA

    The first regualr radio commerical broadcasts begin with AM radios station in Pittsburgh. By the end of 1922 more than 100 radio sattions will havejoined KDKA
  • Wirephoto

    The first electronically emitted photograph sent to the Western Union. This idea was first presented by Alexanderr BAIn
  • bread slicer

    bread slicer
    The first bread slicer was sold. This bread slicer was invented by Otto Frederick Rohwedder. This machine sliced and rapped the bread back up to keep it from getting stale
  • Electrolux gas refridgerator

    Electrolux gas refridgerator
    This was invented by the company NAtional Electrics company. It was a refridgerator that used air, gas, and electricity
  • handy talkie

    handy talkie
    The first handheld two-way radio is created by motorola fo the US army signal control.
  • LEO

    The first business computer, the lyons electronic office is completed. By T. Raymond Thompson, John Simmons and their team at Lyons co.
  • TX-O

    Transistorized Experimental Computer and First transoistorized computer is demonstrated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • "chase"

    Ralph Baer created "Chase", the first video game that was capable of being played on a television.
  • Telegraph phone

    Telegraph phone
    Danish inventor Valdemar Poulsen invents the "Telegraph Phone" which i a wire recorder
  • USB

    The USB was developed and standardized by a group of leading companies from the computer and electronics industries. USB is designed to allow many peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface.
  • JAVA computer language

    JAVA computer language
    The Green Team demonstrated their new language with an interactive, handheld home-entertainment controller that was originally targeted at the digital cable television industry.
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo is incorrporated. It is short for Yet ANother Hierachial
    Officious Oracle. Was created by David FIlo and Jerry Yang
  • copper- based chip

    copper- based chip
    using copper wires rather than traditional aluminum to connect transistors in chips. Other chip manufacturers are not far behind, as research into copper wires has been going on for about a decade. Copper, the better conductor, offers faster performance, requires less electricity, and runs at lower temperatures,
  • FIrst MP3 player

    FIrst MP3 player
    The world's first mass-produced hardware MP3 player was Saehan's MPMan, sold in Asia starting in the late spring of 1998. It was released in the United States as the Eiger Labs MPMan F10/F20 (two variants of the same device) in the summer of 1998, a few months before the Rio.
  • Blackberry

    RIM releases the blackberry. The blackberry is a smart phone that is good for businesses. These phones were invented to help businesses not have to be on their desktop computers.
  • Virtual keyboard

    Virtual keyboard
    Virtual keyboard invented by Canesta and VKB.
  • x-box 360

    x-box 360
    X-box 360 introduced by microsoft, is a game system with hd picturing and given the ability to talk to other people that you are playing with. It is a HUGE improvement of game electronisc
  • iphone

    Described by Steve Jobs as "a wide-screen iPod with hand controls. a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communications device," the iPhone was the first Apple-branded consumer device to run on OS X. Based around a touch-based user interface with a single button, the iPhone was controlled using a variety of one- and two-finger gestured.
  • ipad

    it included a stunning high-resolution "retina" display which doubled the resolution, the new iPad's doubled resolution allowed an easy transition for app developers; most text was automatically rendered at the higher-resolution, and other graphics were simply pixel-doubled.