Eleanor Roosevelt

By depee
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Born

    Born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in New York City to Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Rebecca Hall. Niece to president Theodore Roosevelt
  • 1899 Eleanor roosevelt inrolled in school

    In 1899 Eleanor Roosevelt enrolled in Allenswood school in england.
  • 1902 left Allenswood and made society debut

    In 1902 Eleanor Roosevelt left Allenswood School and made a society debut at a hotel in New York City called waldworf-Astoria.
  • 1919 volunteered at a hospital.

    In 1919 Eleanor Roosevelt volunteered at a hospital called St. Elizebeth Hospital to visit world war one vetrens. She also volunteered at the international congress of women working in washington.
  • 1920 Joined league

    In 1920 Eleanor Roosevelt joined the league of women voters.
  • 1933 first wife of a president to direct press confrences

    In 1933 Eleanor Roosevelt became the first wife of a president to direct all female press confrences.
  • 1934 assists formation of national youth foundation

    In 1934 Eleanor Roosevelt assisted with the formation of the National Youth Foundation.
  • 1948 human rights declaration passed

    In 1948 Eleanor Roosevelt passed the human rights declaration.
  • 1961 becomes chair of the presidents comission

    In 1961 Eleanor Roosevelt became the chair of the presidents comission for the status of women.
  • 1962 dies of tuberculosis

    On Novemeber 7th 1962 Eleanor roosevelt dies of tuberculosis at 78.