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  • First Years

    José Luis Canter was born in Las Ventas, Madrid. His family was originally from Buenache de Alarcón. From a kid, he used to miss classes just to imitate an artistic genre called Coplero. His model was Rafael Farina, he also inspired his first name El Farina de Ventas.
  • The Start of His Music Carreer

    1980, also the most important year for him. He first appeared on television, in José María Íñigo's show Fiesta. It was in the 1980s that El Fary released what would generally be considered his most famous song: El Toro Guapo.
  • Another Boost

    Towards the end of the decade, his career was given another boost when film director Santiago Segura premiered his comedy film Torrente - The Dumb Arm of the Law (1998).
  • The Grand Success

    Both the song and the film were hits and spawned two sequels, the first of which - Torrente 2 - Mission in Marbella (2001) - became the most successful Spanish film (in Spain) of all time (on its release).
  • Torrente 3

    With the release of the third Torrente film in 2005 - Torrente 3 - The Protector - a unique piece of El Fary-related spin-off merchandising was produced:
  • Death

    On April 13, 2007, El Fary was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to discontinue his career in singing and acting. On June 19, 2007, the same day his last record was published, El Fary died, aged 69.
  • The Legend isn't forgotten

    In the fourth film, Torrente 4 - Lethal Crisis (2011), Torrente is visiting the grave of El Fary, who has died since the last film.