The strange world of Tim Burton

By K765
  • Tim Burton is born

    Tim Burton is born
    On August 25, 1958, in Burbank California, the United States, the film director Timothy Walter Burton was born.
  • First job

    First job
    Vincent is the first animated short film directed by Tim Burton in 1982 in which the life of a 7 year old introvert boy named Vincent Malloy is narrated, who dreams of being just like his dream idol, American actor Vincent Price.
  • First feature film

    First feature film
    The Great Pee-Wee Adventure of 1985 is the first feature film directed by Tim Burton, the film adapted the adventures of a well-known television character in the United States played by Paul Reubens.
  • Period: to

    Most recognized works

    Tim Burton has directed and made several works, the most recognized are Beetlejuice from 1988, The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993, The Corpse of the Bride from 2005 and Frankenweenie from 2012 among others.
  • Best film

    Best film
    Being Burton's most personal fantasy / romance film and his first collaboration with his fetish actor Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands from 1990, it grossed $ 86 million.
  • Worst movie

    Worst movie
    Mars Attacks! a film that despite the efforts of Tim and an incredible cast, the 70 million dollars invested did not raise even half at the national box office.
  • Nominations and Awards

    Nominations and Awards
    He was nominated for the Oscars twice, the first with Corpse Bride in 2006 and Frankenweenie in 2013, but in 2007 he won a Golden Globe with Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
  • Most recent job

    Most recent job
    His most recent work was on the Dumbo movie with a budget of 170 million dollars and grossing 353.3 million dollars.