Edmund Rice

  • Born

    Born in Westcourt, Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, Edmund Rice had a very large family – seven boys from the Rice family and 2 step sisters from Mrs. Rice’s previous marriage. Edmund was the fourth son from the Rice family.
  • Early Working Life

    Early Working Life
    At the age of 17, Edmund Rice started work with his uncle; Michael Rice in Waterford city on a busy shipping port business, which he later became the manager of.
  • Married

    Married Mary Elliot in Waterford.
  • Death of Wife

    Death of Wife
    The impact of his wife’s passing made Edmund Rice revaluate his life style, where he later decided to give up his wealthy lifestyle.
  • Work with Nano Nagle

    Work with Nano Nagle
    Nano Nagle was a Cork woman who did similar work to Edmund rice at the time, she had created a congregation which was known as Presentation Sisters. With the help of Edmund Rice she was able to establish a convent and school for young, deprived girls in Waterford city.
  • Establishment of First School

    Establishment of First School
    The school was established in a converted stable in New Street Waterford. Forced to find teachers who dedicated their lives to prayers and teaching children at no cost, after previous teachers resigned. The school was built so that children who weren’t fortunate enough to afford to go to normal schools could experience the same thing with no cost.
  • Builds Monastry

    Builds Monastry
    The monastery was built in Mount Sion, Waterford, in the same location as the school which was only officially opened in 1803 with the monastery.
  • Diocesan Society

    Diocesan Society
    At this stage of his life, Edmund Rice and eight other companions complete vows to become members of the Diocesan Society of the presentation. The impact this had was that all of the participants in the act of taking the vows would become known as ‘Gentleman of the Presentation’.
  • Continued Work with 'Brothers'

    Continued Work with 'Brothers'
    As the Brothers continue to travel across Ireland, they gain more men to their society, helping the communities all across the country.
  • Presentation Brothers

    Presentation Brothers
    The development of the ‘Presentation Brothers’ impacted many people around the world as the members contributed to assisting those who were homeless, disadvantaged or elderly.
  • First School (England)

    First School (England)
    The first school opened in England was located in Lancashire, several schools were constructed through later times in places including Manchester, Liverpool and London.
  • First School (Australia)

    First School (Australia)
    In 1842, the first Edmund Rice based school was established in Australia located in Western Australia.
  • Christian Brothers

    Christian Brothers
    As the congregation of the now known ‘Christian Brothers’ forms, the members of the ‘Presentation Brothers’ disagree with the change and decide to stay a diocesan congregation and decide to be known as their original name.