Edmund Husserl (8Apr1859 - 27Apr1938)

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  • The Creation of Phenomenology

    Edmund Husserl believed that phenomenology, which is "...the study of experience and the ways in which things present themselves in and through experience," according to The New World Encyclopedia, was something that people felt intentionally. Edmund Husserl felt that all different kinds of emotions, such as believing, hoping, or sensing are evoked as positivism and to have been thought consciously.
  • The Father of Phenomenology

    Edmund Husserl's published work named, Logical Investigations, was said to be the breakthrough in phenomenology. He began to break down different ways and views of his term and would categorize them as transcendental, genetic, realist, existential, and so forth. His scope was broadened to further include and describe his beliefs into philosophy. This is how he got the nickname, Father of Phenomenology.
  • Views

    Husserl's take on philosophy was that he felt that the mind exhibited conscious and intentful behavior. He studied human life and everything that personified it such as religion, social, and political fields and felt that experiences are what made the mind accessible. In his book, General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology, Husserl discusses that he doesn't believe all lived experiences are intentional. He goes to say that sensory matter, where you enjoy without thought, is unintentional.
  • Summary

    Edmund Husserl believed that there was a separation between positivism and naturalism and felt that experiences were a collection of feelings both conscious and unconscious. He believed his science of phenomenology differed from empirical subjects.
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