Eddie Mabo

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In History
  • Is Born

    On 1936 29th of June, Eddie Mabo is born on Murray Island, Queensland
  • Annie Mabo Dies

    Annie Mabo (Eddie Mabo's mum and Robert Zezou Sambo's Wife) dies giving birth to Eddie Mabo and his siblings.
  • Eddie Mabo is Adopted by Bennie Mabo and Maiga Mabo

    Becuase his mum died, Eddie Mabo and his siblings are adopted by their uncle and auntie.
  • Arrested for Drinking Alcohol

    Eddie Mabo is arrested and put into prison for 1 year for drinking alcohol because at the time, Indigenous people were not allowed to drink any substance of alcohol.
  • Starts Working at the Fishing Vessels

    Eddie Mabo starts working at the local fishing vessels, and later as a cane cutter and a railway fettler.
  • Is Married to Bonita Nehow

    Eddie Mabo gets married to a Queensland-born, South Sea Islander Ernestine Bonita 'Netta' Nehow, who's last name later changes to Mabo.
  • worked for Townsville Harbour Board

    1962 to 1967, and became the Islander Representative for Torres Strait Islanders on the Trades and Labour Council
  • He was the Leader in Indigenous Politics serving as secretary of Aborigines Advancement League

    1962 to 1969
  • Involved in the campaign for the "yes" vote

    involved in the 1967 referendum to remove discriminatory referenced to aboriginal people in the constitution
  • Eddie Mabo Helped Organise a Racial Conference called ‘We the Australians: What is to Follow the Referendum?’

  • Becomes President of the Rights of Indigenous People Coucil

    Eddie Mabo is promoted to president in the all-black Rights of Indigenous People Council
  • Creates the Black Community School

    Eddie Mabo creates the Black Community School because he was worried that his children would forget his language
  • member of the Australia Council for the Arts

    member of the Australia Council for the Arts (1974 to 1978)
  • Involvement in the National Aboriginal Education Committee

    involvement in the National Aboriginal Education Committee (1975 to 1978)
  • President of the Yumba Meta Housing Association

    From 1975–1980), an organisation that acquired houses in Townsville using Commonwealth funds
  • Teams up with the JCU Students to Present a Play

    Eddie Mabo and Loos team up with the James Cook University students to present a play called ‘Land Rights and the Future of Australian Race Relations’
  • Eddie Mabo Stands up Against the Queensland Government

    Eddie Mabo, Sam Passi, David Passi, Celuia Mapo Salee, and David Rice stand up against the Queensland Government because they decided to pass an act that eliminates any native title there is.
  • The High Court Passes the Original Land Claim to the to The Supreme Court

  • The Supreme Court Hands Their Findings to the High Court

  • Eddie Mabo Gets Cancer

  • Eddie Mabo Dies :(

  • Period: to

    Participates in Political Activities

    Eddie Mabo is involved in trade union politics, was more comfortable being near white Australians, and became more advanced in public speaking
  • Period: to

    Eddie Mabo Becomes the Islander Rep of the Trades and Labours Council

  • Period: to

    Is a Gardener at JCU

    Eddie Mabo is hired as a Gardener at James Cook University
  • Period: to

    Is the Director of the Black Community in Townsville

  • Period: to

    Is the President Yumba Meta Housing Association Ltd

    Becomes the president of the Yumba Meta Housing Association Ltd
  • Period: to

    Involvement in the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Education Advisory Committee

    Involvement in the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Education Advisory Committee (1978 to 1979)
  • Period: to

    Employed by the Commonwealth Employment Service as an AVO

    Eddie Mabo is employed by the Commonwealth Employment System as an Assistant Vocational Officer.