Early years of cinema

Timeline created by pepelover69
  • phenakistiscope

    This was a card bored disl with slots in it to see the images in the back, to play a smalll movie.
  • Zoetrope

    The Zoetrope is in a cylinder lamp type object with little slots cut out to see the inside of the cylinder.There are pictures on the inside to show a story going on.
  • Lelend Stanford

    Lelend Stanford
    A california governer who was a huge gambler, made a horse bet with his friends. If the horse if off all his horseshoes Stanford gets $25,000. Stanford got a man to help him win his bet, Eadward Muybride. He took pictures of the race and set 12 cameras up to take 12 pictures at once. The men set up a trip wire so the horse would step on hit making all the cameras take pictures and go off at once. Stanford ended up winning the bet.
  • Eadward Muybrigde and his zoopraxiscope

    Eadward Muybrigde and his zoopraxiscope
    Eadward Muybridge made and optical toy called zoopraxiscope. This toy wasa the first movie projector to be made. Rotatig glass disks played the movie to give it the imoression of motion.
  • George Eastman

    George Eastman
    George Eastman was the first man to come up with a hand held camera insteded of putting it on a tripod. This made moving the camera alot easier, and you could get different shots.
  • Cinematograph

    This invintion was a camera, a projector, and a printer . The camera shot sixteen films per second (fps), which now a days is 32 fps.
  • Kinescope

    Thomas Edison created the Kinescope in 1891. A camera you crank to veiw the story, which is only 20 seconds. You had top only pay a penny which was good.
  • Black Maria

    Black Maria
    The Black Maria was the first motion picture film studio ever made. It also was the studi the first film ever was produced.
  • First kinescope parlor

    First kinescope parlor
    The kinescope is a crank through to view camera. It's a 20 second movie made out of picture's. Baically a stop motion. Thomas Editson opened up a parlor in 1984 that had 10 kinescopes in it for people to come and waqtch a movie
    . They placed 1 penny into the machine and it started.
  • Fred Ott's sneeze

    Fred Ott's sneeze
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Ott%27s_Sneeze Freds Ott's sneexe was the first movie ever made and projected. This movie was the first to have had copywright. And in this film, which was only 2 seconds long, is just Fred Ott sneezing. This film was made in the black maria, the first studio ever made.
  • Brother's Lumiere

    Brother's Lumiere
    Brother's Auguste and Louis Lumiere, two french men known as the first public world film. There film was 20 minutes the longest movie made at the time.
  • A trip tp the moon is released

    A trip tp the moon is released
    George Melies was a magication who owned a theator and preformed. After a while he got the idea to play films in his theatpr. He made one callled "A trip to the moon." It was a science fiction movie, of a group of scientesits going to the moon and doing a bunch of random trippy things.
  • The Great Train Robery is filmed

    The Great Train Robery is filmed
    This film was the first to have parall editing. Which means you could film the man shooting the gun at the camera, and have an option to have it in the begging, middle, or end of the film. So it was the begging of editing now. There were multiple plot lines, you could move the camera a lot, and 2 things being filmed could happen at once. This film was also the first to have a stunt double/dummy.
  • five cent theaters

    five cent theaters
    Nickelodeon theator's were like today's theator but you only had to pay 5 cents to watch your movie. And these really appeled to people because some of this stuff they've never seen before. These things were pretty popular until 1907.
  • Let's give credit!

    Let's give credit!
    Ethel Barrymore had the idea of giving the actors and atresses in the movies a chance to have their name known. Give credit's to the people and add it into the film at the end. Mpovies have it at the end, and Shows have it at the begging. She made a diffence that still goe's on till this day. A short film could end with FIN and close in a black screen, then start up with the names.