Early Governers Oliver Powell

By siena7C
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    early governers

  • Governor Arthur Phillip

    Governor Arthur Phillip was appointed as governor for NSW in1788 to 1792.Arthur's first decison was to settle in Sydney Cove rather then Botany Bay. He cleared land for farming and had equal relationships with convicts and officers.
  • Governor John Hunter

    Governor John Hunter was appointed Governor in 1795 to 1800.Hunter made many changes he set fixed daily pay for farming this prevented officers from pourly paying convicts.
  • Governor Phillip Gidley

    Governor King made many changes. He encourged the developmont of new industries . He expanded the colony in Tasmania.
  • Governor Wilam Bligh

    Governor Bligh introduced the English currency as the only currency used in the colony he giuded the colony through drought and floods. On the 26 Januarey Macarthur took Bligh as his prisoner and took over the colony this was the start of the Rum Rebelion.
  • Governor Laclan Macquari

    He started a building program which included hospitals and homes he also made many changes to the treatmnt of the convicts he also ended the Rum Rebellion.
  • Governor Thomas Bribane

    He made many changes to the colony he set up the Eagle Fram he semt Oxely to find mortan bay for convicts.
  • Surveyor Jhon Oxley

    In 1823 brisbane sent Oxely to find a new site for convicts he found Mortan Bay.
  • Period: to

    early goveraors

  • Todays Brisbane

    Todays Brisbane
    Bribane is now the Capital city of Queensland Every dy thousnds of people go to Brisbane their has been a lot of changes to Brisbane.