Dwayne M. Carter Jr (lil wayne)

  • birth

    Dwayne M. Carter was born on September 27,1982 in New Orleans,Louisiana
  • The new rapper on the block

    Wayne started rapping when he was only 8 years old.He was always with the neihgborhood rappers.He tried rapping with the adults and succesfully made it in the rap gang.
  • Finally Famous

    At this age he had been the best rapper in Hollygrove and competed in street battles.His mother took him to a rap concert hosted by Bryan (Birdman) Williams and Slim Williams.Two famous rappers.After they had gone off stage Wayne meet Bryan.Instead of a warm welcome,Wayne started rapping to him about where he was in Hollygrove.Bryan was surprised.He gave Wayne his card."If you ever want to be famous call me,"said bryan.
  • True Stories

    Dwayne was now part of cash money records at age 11.He had called Bryan for a record deal in cash money.He wasen't a perfect rapper but with a little help from Bryan and his brother they made him famous.
  • The life of a criminal

    Dwayne was now apart of cash money records but didn't actually sell any records yet.Him and another young rapper BG had already signed a deal with cash money and lived it big.At the age 11 they had already been sniffing crack and other drugs.He always played around in school and at home.Once he shot himself with his mom's gun in the chest.It was also in the news and in the Rollig Stone cover.He almost died if it wasen't for a cop that quickly got to the scene of the crime.
  • Back from injury

    In only 2 weeks he had recoved from the bullet that went right though him.
  • New begging with the Hot Boyz

    Wayne was now part of the Hot Boyz before going solo.Him and some other talented young rappers started this group to get more recognition and money.They made to the top and were a world wide group.They traveled everywhere and made so much money.
  • the Hot Boyz

    At this time the hot boyz had sold over 400,000 copies of their music discs but came apart over fighting about money and fame
  • The end of the Hot Boyz

    The Hot Boyz were now starting to have issues over money and fame.They eventually seperated and broke apart.
  • The New Era of Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne came famous with his record Tha Block is Hot with the members of the hot boyz,