Duke Ellington

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    Duke's life

    Duke's life
  • Duke was Born

    Duke was Born
    Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was born in Washington DC and both his parents were pianists. His parents were large African American musicans who worked against the Jim Crow Laws.
  • Childhood

    At the age of 7 Edward began taking piano lessons from Marietta Clinkscales and his mother would start to surround him with women to teach him manners and eligance, his friends soon noticed this and nicknamed him "Duke" Ellington.
  • Duke's Interests

    Duke's Interests
    Duke was not origionally interested in music instead he like Baseball better because as he was playing President Roosevelt would ride by on his horse. But while working as a "Soda Jerk" in a cafe he wrote his first composition.
  • The Cotton Club

    At this time Duke joined the "Cotten Club" where he gained much of his fame today as he worked on numerous peices and with different artists.
  • Famous songs

    One if not the most famous of his songs was during the depression and it's called "It Don't Mean a Thing" which was one of Dukes most popular songs
  • Signature Marks (no specific date)

    One of Duke's most known features is he would rarely conduct with a baton instead use visual clues to the orcrstra while playing the piano.
  • Concert to make Time

    Ellington was 1/5 jazz artist in the world to make the cover of time magazine after a concert of which he preformed Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue and the crowd went nuts!
  • Duke's Death

    Duke's Death
    The death of this widely known musican was remembered by many grieving Americans forever.
  • Importance

    Duke is still methioned today for his famous music and his controbutions to Jazz and music as a whole but also for his many awards and his 9 grammy nominated songs.