Due Process

By lulu95
  • 8:00 am

    Jonny was walking to college like he normally does everyday, when he heard many screams and then turned around to see a truck speeding towards him. Jonny couldn't move he just froze, so at the last second Kamarah pulled him out of the way but still got hit.
  • Period: to

    Due Process

    On June 3rd Jonny got hit on the sidewalk by a truck trhat was speeding.
    On June 12th J onny went to trail.
  • 2:00 am

    Jonny woke up in the hospital to Kamarah by his side also laying in a hospital bed. His parents were right by his side and told him the guy got away, but they are going to get them. A sketch artist will come in here to try and catch him, so make sure you tell every detail you remember about him and his vehicle.
  • 7:00 am

    The police went to get a search warrant of the truck that Jonny described.
  • 3:00 pm

    3:00 pm
    The police man was reading his Miranda rights to Kyler as they walked into the room that jonny was staying in. The man told him he has the right to an attorney and he has the right to remain silent.
  • 5:00 pm

    Since jonny about lost his leg and is partically paralized from the waist down medical bills are very expensive for him and his family. So they hope to get money from him Kyler in trial.
  • 2:00 pm

    The police officer (Charles) was granted the search warrant.
  • 11:00 am

    Jonny's attorney came into the hospital to get his point of view on what happened that day. His attorney, Kaden, told him he has a right to a jury and they will be there to help decide what happens and who wins the case.
  • 8:00 pm

    Jonny and Kaden were still talking and figuring out what they are going to do. Kaden told him he has the right to a speedy public trial. Jonny said what do you mean by that.? Well you are going to trial on the 9th and there will be many people there that you don't know. That will be the public part of it.
  • 2:00 pm

    In Phonex, Arizona the trial started. Kyler was charged with one account of hit and run and reckless driving. Kyler plead not guilty to both charges.
  • 2:30 pm

    2:30 pm
    Kaden got the sercurity video of the whole incedent from the camera on top of the stop light. He was drivng like he was a drunk child, and like it was some game to see how many people he could hit. You saw on the video that he would drive on the wrong side of the street just to run into someone.
  • 4:00 pm

    4:00 pm
    Kyler's attorney presented his information about what he thought happened that say. The judge told everyone that the jury will reach a verdict for tomorrow.
  • 6:00 pm

    The jury concluded that Kyler was guilty of hit and run and he was guilty of 2 counts of reckless driving. He also got fined 3 million dollars that will go to Jonny and his family to pay for medical treatments,
  • 10:00 am

    Kyler was arrested and put into jail. He has to serve 15 years without parole.
    Jonny and his family are very greatful the police found him and his attorney did such a great job.