By peitif
  • The Birth Of Dr. Seuss

    The Birth Of  Dr. Seuss
    The birth of the famous Dr.Seuss was in Springfield Massachusetts on March 2, 1904.His real name was Theodor Seuse Geisel.
  • College!!!!!

    Dr. Seuss went to college in the fall of 1921 but none new of his first day.He attened Dortmouth College at the University of Oxford.
  • All Mens School!!!!!

    All Mens School!!!!!
    Dr. Seuss attened an all men college.His college was nammed Oxford.
  • Jacko's editor?

    Jacko's editor?
    Some time in 1924 Dr.Seuss becomes the editor inchief for Jacko.
  • Good News!!!!

    A magazine called Saturday Eavning Post wanted him to draw cartoons for them.He got payed $25 for a cartoon.
  • Marrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dr. Seuss marys Helen on November 29,1927.<3
  • Cat in the Hat

    Cat in the Hat
    In the year of 1957 he write the famous Cat in the Hat.
  • Supperstar!

    The famous books The Cat in the Hat ,green Eggs and Ham,and One Fish Two Fish Red fish Blue Fish make Dr.Seuss famous.
  • A Sad Time For All

    A Sad Time For All
    The famous Dr. Seuss Dies on September 24,1991.
  • Sculpture

    In loving Memory of the famous Dr. Seuss they built a statue with him, writing a book and the cat in the hat next to him.therre is a hole garden in loving memory of him.