Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Period: to

    Life Span

  • Boston University

    Boston University
    Enters Boston University for Graduate studies.
  • Coretta Scott

    Coretta Scott
    Marries Coretta Scott, and settles down in Montgomry, Alabama.
  • Boycott

    The spreme court rules that bus segragation is illigal, ensureing victory for the boycott.
  • Southern Christan Leadership Confrence.

    Southern Christan Leadership Confrence.
    King forms the Southern christan leadership confrence to fight segragation he speaks to a crowd of, 15,000 in Washinton D.C
  • His First Book.

    His First Book.
    The US congress passed the first Civil Rights Act since reconstruction. King's First book, Stride Toward Freedom is published. on a speaking tour, king is nerly stabed by an assasaliat in Harlem.
  • Visits India

    Visits India
    Martin Luther King Jr. Visits, India to study Mohandas Gandhi's nonviloence philosophy.
  • Put in Jail

    Put in  Jail
    The unsecessful Albany of georgia movement. Put Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Jail at the Georgia Prison.
  • Cover of Time Magazine

    Cover of Time Magazine
    Appers in cover of time magazine as MAN OF THE YEAR