Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

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In History
  • Dr karl was born on the 20th of march 1948

  • Karl moved to australia at age of two

  • went to migration camp for the following three years

  • edmund rice cristian Brothers College in Wollongong, New South Wales.

  • After high school, his first job was as a ditch-digger

  • After University, his first job as a physicist

  • Kruszelnicki wrote and presented the first series of Quantum

  • In 2000, the Australian Financial Review Internet Awards awarded him the Best Science and Technology Website

  • he was awarded the Centenary Medal

  • He received the Australian Father of the Year award in 2003

  • He writes regular science stories for Australian Geographic and National Geographic Kids magazines.

  • hosted science talkback show

  • unsuccessful candidate for the Australian Senate in the 2007 Australian federal election

  • Dr Karl appears on Channel 7's Weekend Sunrise programme & on ABC television

  • his long show on ABC radio station Triple J

  • he presents segments on The Weather Channel.