Dr Chang

By tparkes
  • Birth

    Victor Chang was born on 21st November 1936. His father was Aubrey Chang and his mother was May Lee. He was the eldest child in the family. He had a younger sister named Frances and a younger brother named Anthony.
  • Period: to

    life of dr chang

  • moved to honk kong

    When Victor Chang was just an infant, the Chang family moved to Hong Kong because Shanghai was invaded by the Japanese.
  • Victor Chang's mother died

    Victor's mother died of breast cancer on 4th April 1948 when he was only 12. This made him decided that he would become a doctor.
  • Educated in Hong Kong

    Victor Chang was educated at Kowloon Tong Primary School and later at St Paul's Boys College in Hong Kong.
  • Migrated to Australia

    Victor Chang and his sister migrated to Sydney.
  • Finished high school

    Victor Chang spent 2 years at Christian Brother's High School in Lewisham, Sydney.
  • Graduated in the University

    Chang graduated in the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with First Class Honours.
  • First year resident medical officer at St Vinecent's Hospital

    Chang started working at the St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney after graduation.
  • died