Douglass, Frederick's Timeline

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  • 1,818 BCE

    Early Life

    Early Life
    Frederick Douglass was born into slavery sometime around 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland.His life was a symbol of the best and the worst in the American character because he was a slave who saw most brutality of slavery and a slave who freed himself and had to capture all what America was about.He could not even tell about his birth because there were no birth records.He was raised by his grandmother during his early life.
  • Learning to read and Write

    Learning to read and Write
    He talks about his mistress, his master's wife was a kind person when he moved in to live with them. she treated him as he was, a human.There came a time when her mistress changed upon the request of her husband. She stopped teaching him how to read and write, until when he was in an unsupervised room for more than a reasonable period of time, he got suspected of having a book.Douglass made use of the innocent boys in the streets by bribing them so he could learn to read and write.
  • Being an Activist

    Being an Activist
    He vigorously supported the woman's rights movement. He recalls his role at the Seneca Falls Convention although he insists that women rather than men should be primary spokespersons for the movement.Also most of his quotes showed that he fully supported the rights of women.
  • His Death

     His Death
    Frederick Douglass died of heart attack. He died after he had spent time at a women's suffrage meeting at a downtown hall.