First dog in space laika

Dogs in Space

By jrainey
  • Look at that Dog

    Look at that Dog
    Laika becomes the first dog to go to space
  • First U.S satellite in space

    First U.S satellite in space
    The first U.S satellite is sent into space.
  • Weather satellite

    Weather satellite
    The first successful weather satellite is launched
  • !st flight

    !st flight
    America lauches their first spaceflight
  • Women Rights

    Women Rights
    The first women is sent to space
  • Moon Pictuers

    Moon Pictuers
    The first close-range photos of the moon
  • Apollo's great leap

    Apollo's great leap
    Apollo's becomes the first man on the moon
  • First black guy in space

    First black guy in space
    Guion S. Bluford is the first Afician- American to go to space
  • Tradegy Strikes

    Tradegy Strikes
    Challenger explodes 73 seconds after take off, killing the seven memebers inside.
  • Last Flight

    Last Flight
    The final space shuttle is launched for NASA