Disney Pixar Evolution

Timeline created by Mariana Goch
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  • Pixar animation studios

    Pixar animation studios
    Pixar revolutionized the children's film industry in 1995 with Toy Story, the first animated film made entirely by computer.
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
    Toy Story 1995 Woody, Andy's favorite toy, feels threatened by the unexpected arrival of Buzz Lightyear, the guardian of space. It was Pixar's first feature film, as well as the first fully animated feature with digital effects in film history.
  • A Bug's Life

    A Bug's Life
    A computer-animated film made, produced, and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The story consists of an ant on a dangerous mission to protect his colony from an army of terrorist grasshoppers.
  • Toy Story 2

    Toy Story 2
    Now Buzz Lightyear and his friends plan a rescue mission when an unscrupulous toy collector robs Woody.
  • Monsters, Inc.

    Monsters, Inc.
    Monsters, Incorporated is the largest scare factory in the monster world and James Sullivan is one of its best scarers. Sullivan is a large, intimidating monster with blue skin, large purple spots, and horns. His assistant, best friend and roommate is Mike Wazowski, a jolly little green monster with one eye. Boo, a little girl visits places where a human has never been before.
  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo
    The movie is about Marlin, a clown fish, who has always tried to protect his son Nemo from all dangers. However, a diver catches the little boy, and now the father must embark on an incredible adventure through Australian waters to find him.
  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles
    The film revolves around a family of superheroes, the Parr, who lead a suburban lifestyle in the face of government restrictions imposed after considering that their exploits lead to problematic situations for society. During a secret mission on a remote island, Bob Parr, better known as Mr. Incredible, learns of the sinister plan of the villain Syndrome to technologically equate human capabilities to those of superheroes.
  • Cars

    On the way to the prestigious Piston Cup championship, a race car that only cares about winning learns about what really matters in life from various vehicles that live in a town along historic Route 66. It was nominated for two Oscars, including for Best Animated Film, and won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film.
  • Ratatouille

    Remy is a Parisian who appreciates good food and has a fairly sophisticated palate. He wishes to become a chef to create and enjoy various culinary works of art. The only problem is that Remy is a rat. And when it ends up in the sewers below one of the finest restaurants in Paris, the rodent feels like the perfect place to make its dream come true.
  • WALL • E

    WALL • E
    WALL • E is a robot designed to clean the Earth after being abandoned by humans in the distant future., Falls in love with EVA, a robot, who is sent to the planet to investigate if there are signs of life, which would mean that the place can be inhabited again by humanity. Once she finds a plant, EVA heads to the ship it came from, so WALL • E follows her into outer space on an adventure that changes their destiny to save nature and humanity.
  • Up

    Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman ready to fulfill his dream: tie thousands of balloons to his home and fly to South America. However, she discovers a young and unexpected stowaway too late. What in principle will be suspicion, will end up becoming sympathy for the boy while together they spend fascinating adventures in exotic places.
  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3
    In this new adventure Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys end up in daycare after Andy leaves for college.
    It won two Oscars in the categories of Best Animated Film and Best Original Song.
  • Cars 2

    Cars 2
    Lightning McQueen and Mate travel to Japan to participate in a race sponsored by the manufacturers of a type of green fuel. However, some villains want the new product to fail.
  • Brave

    Merida, the brash and courageous daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, is a skilled archer who wishes to plow her own path in life. His defiance of an old tradition upsets the lords and causes chaos in the kingdom. Merida seeks help with a witch, who grants her a failed wish. Now, Merida must discover the meaning of courage and undo a bestial curse before it's too late.
    In my opinion one of The best movies.
  • Monsters University

    Monsters University
    In their college days, the fierce rivalry between Mike Wazowski and Sulley causes them both to be expelled from the Monster University Scare Program.
  • Inside Out

    Inside Out
    The five emotions that coexist inside a girl named Riley, joy, fear, displeasure, anger and sadness, compete to take control of her actions when the little girl moves, along with her family, to live in San Francisco. Adjusting to a new city, a new school, and some new classmates won't be easy for Riley.
  • Coco

    The story follows a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead, where he seeks the help of his deceased musician great-great-grandfather to return him to his family among the living and to reverse his family's ban on music.
    The concept for Coco is inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. 
    The film won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song ("Remember Me").
  • Soul

    The story follows a middle school music teacher named Joe Gardner, who seeks to reunite his soul and his body after they are accidentally separated, just before his big break as a jazz musician. Soul is the first Pixar film to feature an African-American protagonist.  The film received highly positive reviews from critics with praise for its animation, story, voice acting, and music.