disintegretion of the USSR

By hakeem6
  • cold war

    Japan attacked perl harbor on December 7, 1941. The United States responded by bombing Japan with an atomic bomb. This event caused many countries to become afraid of what the U.S really had and a race to having the strongest weapons started between the countries.
  • dente

    Dente allowed U.S grain and consumer goods to be sold in the Soviet Union, but dente collasped in 1979 afte Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.
  • olymoic games

    After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the U.S saw this event as an act of expansion. Jimmy Carter canceled U.S participation in the 1980 Olympic Games to show his disapproval.
  • changes

    In 1987, Gorbachev made an agreement with the U.S to eliminate intermediate range nuclear weapons. This agreement was known as the Intermediate Range Treaty.
  • communist party

    Gorbachev set up a new Soviet parliament of elected members at the 1988 Communist Party Conference. Gorbachev then created a new state presidency.
  • New President

    In March 1990, Gorbachev became the Soviet Union's first and last president.
  • reunification

    The reunification of Germany marked an end to the Cold War. The Soviet Union was dissolved of resources could no longer stand on its on.
  • the end

    The Soviet Union had ceased to exist, which was announced by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.