Dimitri (birth til present)

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  • It's A Boy!

    It's A Boy!
    Dimitri D'Andre Smith was born on a Thursday morning at 9:50 a.m. to Patricia and Adrell. It was in the midst of an ice storm. His grandmother wanted to name him Storm after the weather and Brooke's brother (Bold & Beautiful).
  • Dimitri Falls In Love (with Barney)

    Dimitri Falls In Love (with Barney)
    Imagination Island Set sail on a magical journey to Imagination Island in Barney's full-length movie! When a giant wave leaves the ship stranded atop a group of palm trees, Barney and his friends set out to explore the jungle island.
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    Batter Up!

    Dimitri joins the Franklin Parks and Recreation baseball team. He starts out as a T-Ball player and continues up throw coach pitch. His number is 12 and his team is the Blasters.
  • Is There A Lifeguard In the House?

    Is There A Lifeguard In the House?
    Splash SplashDimitri obtains his Junior lifeguard certification at the James L. Camp YMCA. This is after years of swim training, volunteering to teach swim classes, and swim team.
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    Not So Little Anymore! Tear

    Lakeland Cavaliers RuleDimitri enjoys his high school years studying at Lakeland High School and the Pruden Center all while on the wrestling team. He acquired a General Studies Diploma with the CTE seal in Technology. Yes, he was a completer. His mom is biased!
  • Come and Get It!!

    Come and Get It!!
    After years of cooking for mom and himself, Dimitri decides to entertain a career in the Culinary Arts.
  • How's it Kicking?

    How's it Kicking?
    Dimitri trades in the karate uniform he has worn since the age of 6 for a Hapkido uniform.
  • All Work and Low Pay? Nah!!!

    All Work and Low Pay? Nah!!!
    After two plus years of working at Food Lion and Farm Fresh, At 19, Dimitri leaves the mediocre world of minimum wage behind and joins the steelworker's team at Huntington Ingalls (aka the shipyard)! His goal is to work his way up through the ranks. He is happy to report to his former Building Trades instructor that is working in a similar field in which he was trained, CTE Plug!!!