Digital Communication throughout History

  • Telegraph

    The telegraph was invented in 1836. The
    inventor of the telegram was Samuel
    Morse. The telegraph was used to
    transmit messages into electrical
    impulses. During the year 1836, the
    Battle of Wetumka began.
  • Camera

    The first camera was made in 1840.
    Alexander Wolcott was the inventor of the
    camera. The camera is used to capture
    pictures. Also in the year 1840, Willem I
    resigns as king of the Netherlands.
  • Telephone

    On the year of 1876, the telephone was
    invented. Alexander Graham Bell. The
    telephone is used to communicate with other
    people with the help of the telephone. On
    October 31, 1876 a cyclone hits India and
    Bengal kills 20,000 people in total.
  • Radio

    The radio was invented in 1879. The inventor
    of the radio was Guglielmo Marconi. Now, the
    radio is used for people's enjoyment like listening to
    music or listening to radio talk shows. A historical
    event that 1879 is the Zulu War against British
    Colonial rule in South America.
  • Television

    In 1927, the television was invented. Philo
    Farnsworth and Charles Francis were the
    inventors of the television. A historical
    event that happened was that 1,000 marines landed in China to protect
    American property
  • Computer

    The computer was made in 1945. The
    inventor of the computer is John Mauchly.
    During the year of 1945, France joined the
    UN (United Nations).
  • Cell phone

    Cell phone
    In 1973, the first cell phone was invented.
    The creator of the cell phone was Martin
    Cooper. A historical event that happened
    during that period was that the USSR
    launched Luna 21 into space.
  • CD Player

    CD Player
    On the year of 1982, the first CD player was
    invented. The inventor of the CD player was
    James Russell. Also, during the year of
    In 1982 Iranian military planes crashed
    and it killing a total of 80 people.
  • MP3 Player

    MP3 Player
    The first MP3 player was made in 1997. The
    inventor of the MP3 was Tomislav Uzelac.
    The MP3 player is an electronic gives
    people the enjoyment of listening to strictly
    music and other cool applications.
  • PC Tablet

    PC Tablet
    In 2002, the first PC tablet was invented.
    The tablet didn’t get popular until 2009
    When Apple made the IPad. A historical
    event that happened in 2002 was that
    President. George W. Bush passed the No
    Child Left Behind Act.