Dick Gregory

By kpetty
  • Period: to

    Dick Gregory's life

    What happened to Dick Gregory to change his thoughts about life
  • Starting at a university

    Starting at a university
    Enters the Southern Illinois University on an athletic scholarship in 1951
  • Student athlete?

    Was named the university’s outstanding student athlete in 1953
  • Joining the army

    Leaves college to join the U.S. Army in 1953
  • Drafted

    Was drafted in the army 1954
  • Arrested

    In 1963 he was jailed in Birmingham
  • Writing books?

    Writes the book Nigger (An autobiography) in 1964
  • This town aint big enough

    Dick Gregory runs for mayor
  • Press coming to Washington

    Dick Gregory runs for President
  • The Vow!!!!!

    Announces a vow of celibacy
  • The King

    The King
    Was the fifth annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. guest ship speaker at Elmhurst College
  • Medical History

    In 1999 his doctors diagnosed him with lymphoma