Diana Ross

Timeline created by JenPotter
  • Birthday

    Diana Ernestine Earle Ross was born in Detroit Michigan
  • Holocaust

    Nazi troops end the Warsaw Uprising
  • Great Brinks Robbery

    Eleven thieves steak more than two million dollars fron ab armoured car in Boston
  • Graduated from High School a semester early

    Diana graduated a semester earlier than her classmates, which lead to her music careerr
  • The Supremes first concert

    The Supremes had theri first concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • Southern Airlines Flight 932

    A plane with 75 on board crashed in Wayne County, West virginia, killing everyone, including 37 players and 5 coaches from the Marshall University football team
  • First Marrige

    Diana was married for the first time to husband Robert Ellis Ross
  • Rohnda Ross Kendrick

    Diana's first child Rohnda was born, who she had with the founder of MoTown Berry Gordy
  • Tracee Ellis Ross

    Diana's second daughter Treacee was born, her first child with husband Robert Ellis Silberstein
  • Chaundy Ross

    Diana's youngest daughter Chaundy was born
  • Divorce

    Dianna and husband Robert Ellis Silberstein divorced
  • Second Marrige

    Diana was married for the second time to husband Arne Naess
  • Ross Arne Naess

    Diana's first son Ross was born
  • Evan Ross

    Dian's second son and youngest child Ross was born
  • Firearm ban

    The United States Congress passed an amendment banning possession of a firearm from anyone with a misdemeanor level domestic violence charge
  • Divorce

    DIana and second husband Arne Naess divorced
  • Huricane Ike

    Huricane Ike makes landfall in Texas killing 27