Development of The Catholic Church in Australia

  • Irish Convicts – First Catholics in Australia

    The Catholic Church first Came to Australia on the arrival of the first fleet. Richard Jhonson was made Chaplain for the first fleet. The Irish that came to Australia on the first fleet were mainly Catholics.
  • Birth Of Fr O'Flynn

  • Period: to

    Politics With Irish Catholics In Australia

    In Australia, mass was not permitted to be performed until 1803.
  • Father Terry Was Born

  • Polding Born

  • Father Terry and Father Connolly arrived in Sydney

  • Polding Becomes Archbishop Of Sydney

  • Birth of Mary Mackillop

  • Vaughn Becomes Archbishop

  • Moran Becomes Archbishop

  • Mary Mackillop Died

  • Kelly becomes Archbishop

  • Mary Mackillop is now a Cannonised Saint