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  • May 31, 1450


    Johann Gutenberg invents a printing press using movable metal type on 1450.
    The first printer was made in Europe.
    Johann was the first European to use a moveable typing.. People use this printer to make the first Latin language bible
  • 1877

  • 1924

    1. Pictures are first transmitted over telephone lines in 1924.
    2. The photos were transmitted by AT&T service.
    3. The principles use in the 1924 is the same principles used today
    4. The data was transmitted into electric signals that were proportional in intensity to the shades and tones of an image.
  • 1962

    1. First communications satellite is launched, allowing worldwide live broadcasted of the 1964 Olympics.
    2. The first communication satellite was launched by NASA.
    3. the name of the satellite was Syncom 2
    4. it was launched on July 26, 1963.
  • 1990

    1. Tim Berbers-lee invented the world wide web
    2. 20 years after the first connection was established over what is known today as the internet.
    3. Tim also wrote the first web page editor/browse rand the first web server.
    4. By the October of 1990 Tim had specified the three fundamental technologies the remained the