Dear Martin

  • Unfair Arrest

    Unfair Arrest
    Justyce is arrested by a racist cop after trying to help his drunk ex-girlfriend Mello get home safely; the cop suspects he's trying to take advantage of her and slams him to the ground without even letting him explain the situation.
  • First Letter

    First Letter
    Justyce starts writing to Martin Luther King because he aspires to be like him, and wants to respond to the struggles in his world just like Martin did during his time. He starts writing journals/letters to martin asking for advice and talking about things that are happening in his life.
  • Class Debate

    Class Debate
    Justyce and his friends have a heated debate in class that leads to more letters to MLK and provokes thought about society and race in Justyce and the reader.
  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party
    Justyce is very uncomfortable when his black friend Manny agrees to dress up as racial stereotypes for Halloween with their white friends.
  • Justyce Gets Into Yale

    Justyce Gets Into Yale
    In this part of the book at the beginning of chapter 6, Justyce opens his computer and sees that he's been accepted into Yale. This is a huge achievement for him given how hard he has worked and how hard his single mother has worked to give him the best opportunities.
  • SJ & Justyce Connection

    SJ & Justyce Connection
    This part of the book starts the spark of romance for SJ and Justyce as he starts to consider he might have feelings for her while the debate team they are on is at a competition. A lot of blushing, winking, and flirty behavior.
  • The Fight

    The Fight
    Justyce and Manny go to a party with their white friends (Jared, Blake, etc.) and things get heated when there's an argument and Blake starts making racist comments... Justyce punches him in the face and then he and Manny leave .
  • Justyce & Doc

    Justyce & Doc
    After his fight with Blake and Jared at the party, Justyce wakes up the next morning to his teacher knocking on his door (they go to a fancy expensive private high school where you live on campus). His teacher, who they refer to as 'Doc' (and who is also black) talks to him about not worrying what other people think of him, and that there will be people who go after him in life, but he should focus on being the best person he can be.
  • Manny's Dad

    Manny's Dad
    Justyce writes to Martin about a conversation that Manny's dad had with them. His dad talks about how he just hired a new white coworker who he heard calling him the 'n' word behind his back today. He tells the boys that unfair situations like these come with being black, and that even though what his coworker said disappoints him, he has to keep working and focus on the job. This really makes Justyce think and reflect, and is
  • Manny is gone

    Manny is gone
    While Justyce is riding in the car with Manny, they decide to drive around a little bit before going to stone mountain for the day like they originally planned. When they reach a stop light, a white man beside them yells at them very rudely and inappropriately to turn their music down and calls them the 'n; word. Manny yells back and flips him off...... the man pulls out a gun..... Justyce is shot in the arm, but survives..... Manny is shot in the head and killed.
  • The Watch

    The Watch
    Weeks after Manny's death his family invites Justyce over for dinner and cooks his favorite meal. They also gift him with a really nice, expensive gold watch that they planned on giving manny as a graduation gift, but never got to.... this watch symbolizes strength and perseverance for Justyce.
  • Jared

    In the previous fight at the party, before Manny died, Manny punched one of their mutual white friends Jared, and his parents pressed charges against him. Later, after Manny's death, the news releases a picture taken by Jared at the halloween party of all of the guys dressed up as stereotypes. They crop it and make Justyce look bad. Jared sees this and feels bad so he gets his parents to contact people and take the picture down, or show the whole picture, and seeks to apologize to Justyce.
  • Romance

    Justyce decides to look to SJ for comfort after everything that has happened and goes to her house. After a long talk they confess that they like each other (SO CUTE. YES!) and then arrange to go out on a date. After everything that has happened this is a really sweet moment.
  • Fire

    The news reports that the former officer who shot Manny's house was set on fire....Arson. They report seeing three boys nearby at the scene, and Justyce immediately wonders if it's the boys he grew up with in his old neighborhood.
  • Garret Tison is dead

    Garret Tison is dead
    Days after the trial, former officer Garret Tison who was being held in jail after being found guilty of multiple charges was found dead in his jail cell.... they believe he was killed by fellow inmates after complaining about receiving threats.