Dean Kamen

By Shake10
  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    He was born in 1951, in Rockville center, Long Island, New York. His father was a illistrator for Weird Science And MAd Comic Books; Evelyn, was a teacher.
  • Period: to

    Dean Kamen's life

  • College

    After high school he attended Worceester polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.
  • Kamen leaving college

    Kamen leaving college
    In 1976 Kamen left WPI without graduating and founded his own company called Autosyringe to sell his medication device. Which is a machine that provides accurate continuous infusion

    Established FIRST in 1989 because he wanted kids to be excited about science.This is a compitetion where you have to build a robot to do certain things.
  • New company

    New company
    In 1991 he founded another company called DEKA
  • Home choice

    Home choice
    Kamen invented a portable kidney dialysis machine called home choice, which is used to purify blood.
  • Ibot 300

    Ibot 300
    In 1999 he wowed the world with a machine he called the iBot 300 Mobility system, a stairclimbing wheelchair.
  • Segway

    He invented the segway. This machine is a self balancing super scooter
  • Slingshot

    This is a machine that purified water.
  • Recall

    The segway was recalledbecause riders was fallen off when the batteries went dead.
  • Spreading the slingshot around the world

    Spreading the slingshot around the world
    He visited the African countriesof Rwanda and Bangladesh to demonstrate his new machine.
  • Unsuccessful

    The segway was not successful only six thousand machines sold, one reason was because the price was so high.