Davis.A Philip Randolph

  • A great man born

    A great man born
    Randolph was born on April 15,1889 in Cresent City Florida.
  • Period: to

    Birth to Death

  • Fires in their house!

    Fires in their house!
    During the year 1901 so many of the black peoples houses that caught on fire did not get put out because the white firemen did not want to hurry up on the calls.
  • His so called "Brother"

    His so called "Brother"
    During the summer of 1925 Ashley Totten decided he needed someone with the guts, talent, heart an soul, and to keep the purpose for leading the Porter's on so, Totten decided to "brother" him.
  • With J.F.K's Helping Hand

    With J.F.K's Helping Hand
    J.F.K. helped sing the order that would ban racial discrimination.
  • Banning racial discrimanation

    Banning racial discrimanation
    On this day Randolph persuaded president Roosevelt into issuing an order which bans Racial Discrimination in the defense industries.
  • Pearl Habor

    Pearl Habor
    On Dec. 7 Pearl Habor was bombed by the Japanese.
  • M.O.W.M

    On June 16, 1942 Randolph formed the March On Washington Movement.
  • The Babe's death

    The Babe's death
    On August 1,1948 Babe Ruth died.
  • With Martin's help

    With Martin's help
    During the year of 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. helped Randolph with the March on Washington Movement.
  • A loved one's death

    A loved one's death
    On this day Randolph's wife passed away.
  • The president's Death

    The president's Death
    On November 22, 1963 J.F.K was assassinated in his car.