Paul Feyerabend 1924 -1994

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  • Birth

    Paul Feyerabend is born in Vienna
  • Explanation, Reduction, and Empiricism

    This was one of his first works to be recognized. He introduced the word incommensurable, later arguing that it is impossible to create new theories based on only previous ones because there will always be development. He stated that incommensurability is found in both traditional and fundamental theories in philosophy. Throughout this paper he demonstrated the incommensurability of scientific theories with a few different concepts. (citation added to works cited)
  • Against Method

    This was a book, but Feyerabend called it a “collage” because it was the work of many years better organized altogether. In this work, he talks about “epistemological anarchist”, which is basically stating that there are no rules or theories to be always followed by science. He states that general methodology should not be followed, and that prevents science from progress. Feyerabend, Paul. Against Method. United Kingdom, Verso, 1975.
  • Science in a Free Society

    This book was created due to the negative comments from his previous book Against Method. Throughout this book, he explains further and argues the critiques from his past book. He also talks about the mature society and how they need to have mature decisions, and that requires a lot of work. Science in a Free Society, London: New Left Books, 1978.
  • Video - Against Method This video talks about important points throughout his book Against Method. It focuses on the main argument of the book, epistemological anarchism.