Dave Dobbyn Timeline

  • The first performance of Th' Dudes

    The first performance of Th' Dudes
    Th' Dudes is the first major band in which Dave Dobbyn played and the one responsible for his entry into the music industry. In 1975, at the age of 18, Dave Dobbyn and other members first began by playing covers at surf clubs and parties.
  • The release of "Be Mine Tonight"

    The release of "Be Mine Tonight"
    "Be Mine Tonight" is the first recorded song from Th' Dudes. It was a major hit amongst audiences, and while it only reached number 36 on the charts, it won the Aotearoa Music Awards single of the year in 1979 and would go on to become a classic.
  • Th' Dudes Australia tour

    Th' Dudes Australia tour
    Th' Dudes toured Australia opening for The Members. The long hours on the road, low pay, and the contempt of the crowd gave them a view of what the future may entail. This "haunted" Ian Morris and would drive him to leave the band next year.
  • Sweetwater Festival

    Sweetwater Festival
    While Th' Dudes were very successful, they were also deeply unpopular amongst a number of hardcore music fans who saw them as 'prats'. This contempt would cause them to throw eggs at the Th' Dudes and would later be a significant factor in the break-up of the band.
  • Th' Dudes final performance

    Th' Dudes final performance
    Shortly after deciding to split up Th' Dudes would play their final performance at Mainstreet. They would not reunite until decades later.
  • The formation of DD Smash

    The formation of DD Smash
    After the downfall of Th' Dudes, Dave Dobbyn would go on to form DD Smash, temporarily known as Dave Dobbyn's Divers. This band would grow Dobbyn's confidence and songwriting skills for his later solo career.
  • The Release of 'Cool Bananas'

    The Release of 'Cool Bananas'
    DD Smashes Cool Bananas was their first and most successful album, starting at number 1 on the charts and remaining there for 24 weeks. This album drove them to greater heights, bringing in new fans across New Zealand and Australia, kicking off several tours in both countries over the following few years.
  • The release of "Outlook For Thursday"

    The release of "Outlook For Thursday"
    "Outlook For Thursday" was a huge success, becoming Dobbyn's most successful single for many years to come. It reached number 3 on the singles charts and remained in them for 21 weeks
  • The Queen Street Riot

    The Queen Street Riot
    When police in riot gear came to the "Thank God It's Over" concert to arrest disruptive attendees, tensions rose between them and the police. This led to the cancellation of the show in the middle of DD Smashes set and one of the biggest riots in New Zealand history.
  • Dave Dobbyn's Arrest

    Dave Dobbyn's Arrest
    Dave Dobbyn was arrested on charges of inciting a riot when he said, "I wish those riot squad guys would stop wanking and put their little batons away." He was later cleared of charges in June 1985, but his actions did escalate the conflict, and some still hold him responsible for it.
  • End of DD Smash

    End of DD Smash
    While they never officially broke up, the members of DD Smash would all begin to go their own way shortly after the events of the Queen Street riot. In 1985, they released their last few singles, which were from their second album The Optomist and played their last live performances for some time.
  • Footrot Flats Soundtrack

    Footrot Flats Soundtrack
    Dobbyn was chosen to be the producer and composer of the Footrot Flat's soundtrack. This is the first time he was a solo artist and led to the creation of a number of his most famous hits
  • Slice of Heaven

    Slice of Heaven
    On the soundtrack for Footrot Flats was the song "Slice of Heaven", sung by Herbs and Dave Dobbyn. This song would become his greatest hit, reaching number 1 on the Australian and New Zealand charts, remaining there for many weeks, making him a mainstream star. This song's success also caused him to move to and win awards in Australia, in some instances being mistaken for an Australian musician.
  • The release of 'Loyal'

    The release of 'Loyal'
    Loyal was Dobbyn's first album as a solo artist, and while not as popular as some of his previous albums, its title track, "Loyal", was a huge success and has since become an enduring New Zealand anthem. In the following years, he would make little music himself and instead work as a producer on others albums.
  • The release of 'Lament for the Young'

    The release of 'Lament for the Young'
    After a five-year break, Dobbyn released Lament for the Young. This album was far darker than his previous work due, in part, to his miserable time in LA during the Rodney King riots. His label believed the album was "unreleasable" and it was not a commercial success. https://www.apraamcos.co.nz/music-creators/awards/silver-scroll-awards
  • Winning an APRA Silver Scroll

    Winning an APRA Silver Scroll
    Despite its lack of commercial success Lament for the Numb was a hit among critics, and the song "Belle of the Ball" would finally win him an APRA silver scroll for best New Zealand song.
  • The release of 'Twist'

    The release of 'Twist'
    After many years overseas, Dave Dobbin finally returned to New Zealand and, inspired by the beauty of New Zealand, he made the album Twist. This album was far more successful commercially than Lament for the Numb reaching number 4 on the album charts. From here, he would live in New Zealand and make many more successful albums over the following years.