dangerous game

  • falling

    he fell from the boat and swam to the island where he heard the gun shots.
  • waking up

    he woke up on a beach the next afternoon. he found the general's house.
  • dinner

    finding out that the general hunts men and if they last three hole days they win. he could not get to sleep that night.
  • loop

    he created a track for the general to follow and hid in a tree when dusk started to fall. the general found him but laughed and walked way to make the hunt last longer.
  • start the hunt

    he wants to leave but the only way is to have the general hunt him in the jungle.
  • day 2

    he set a trap for the general but it only wounded him.
  • evening of day 2

    by the quicksand Rainsford dug a Sholder deep hole and put sharp sticks facing upward in it and coved it with a net of sticks and leaves. i killed the generals best hound.
  • day 3

    he woke up to the sound of the bush moving. the general had brought along Iven, his big security guard and all of his hounds.
  • trap

    he set up a trap using a floopy tree and is hunting knife the general gave him. he wanted the gereral to set it off but Ivan did. he died.
  • ocean

    while the hounds were chasing him her saw the ocean and ran towards it. he jumped the 20 feet and when the general left to go home, Rainsford began to swim back to the generals house to put a stop to what he was doing.
  • goodbye general

    at 10pm Rainsford scared the general in the darkness of his room and the two made a deal and whoever won would get to sleep the bed. Rainsford thought the bed was nice.