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  • 200

    Ancient Civilization Era

    People in the Era were acknowleging that they were polluting the are and dolluting theyre laned with raw sewage
  • 200

    "White Mist"

    Greek physician Galen observes copper miners and notes the danger of acid mists. . Around the same time, poet and physician Nicander condemns "deadly white lead" used as a paint and cosmetic.
  • May 3, 1000

    Middle Ages

    This was a time where there were no sewage drains or any clue what to do with waste a the dead. A lot of scikness and plaues
  • May 3, 1347

    Bubonic Plague

    Bubonic plague kills on third to 75% of the populations Europe and Asia, creating the first attempts to enforce public health and quarantine laws. Reaction to the plague also includes genocidal pogroms against Jews in most cities of Europe. One not very satisfying idea about this is that Jews, with greater understanding of elementary hygiene, may have had a lower infection rate, which in turn might have seemed suspicious. People had no explanation for the Black Death other than rumor, superstiti
  • May 3, 1366

    Animal Waste

    City of Paris forces butchers to dispose of animal wastes outside the city similar laws would be disputed in Philadelphia and New York nearly 400 years later
  • The Enlightenment Era

    This Era was polluted by waste dumping into rivers and streams
  • Sanitation

    Benjamin Franklin born January 17 in Boston, Mass. Franklin's concern for sanitation and pure drinking water was a part of his lifelong concern for the improvement of Philadelphia in "small matters." But Franklin also saw a larger question -- one of "public rights" as opposed to private rights -- in many of these controversies.
  • Waste Dumping

    1739 -- Benjamin Franklin and neighbors petition Pennsylvania Assembly to stop waste dumping and remove tanneries from Philadelphia's commercial district. Foul smell, lower property values, disease and interference with fire fighting are cited. The industries complain that their rights are being violated, but Franklin argues for "public rights." Franklin and the environmentalists win a symbolic battle but the dumping goes on.
  • The Industrial Revolution

    this was a time where there are more things getting invented and cutting down trees
  • Gas Light

    first gas light introduced in London by the Gas Light & Coke Cogas and coal build up in the cities and pollution
  • U.S. Secretary of Navy

    U.S. Secretary of Navy authorized to reserve timber lands producing hardwoods for naval stores
  • Steam engines and furnaces

    British Parliamentary committee expresses concern that steam engines and furnaces "could work in a manner less prejudicial to public health.
  • House of commons factory commission

    • parliament and Yorkshire owner started investigating conditions of workers I the mills . men and women were getting sick and even little children were coming up with diseases and sicknesses. They established a child labor law and they made it a law to have a clean and sustainable work place. They help stabiles a good work environment for the future
  • the sanitary condition of the laboring population of great Britain

    first reported high liking rates of infectious disease and child mortality ro raise high from conditions and pollution of drinking water. Make a water plant and made a waste facility. If we didn’t have the facilities we have today many more people would have died and plants would be very rare and food would be scarce .
  • Royal Commission on Employment of Children in the Mines

    there was cruel slaving. Wemon and children work in harsh environments and were chian to carts and work 15 hours a day and they were beaten raped. They made a law so wthat you cant work until the age of 16 . if we didn’t have that law today there would be so many less job and poor people.
  • Arsenical Wall-papers

    Putting arsenic in wallpaper made a vivid green color, but it also was poisonous. The Michigan board of health, as part of its investigation, published a book of wallpaper samples and distributed it to libraries. the book of samples itself caused poisoning when patrons simply thumbed through their copies. laws against dangerous colorants were common in Europe, industries in America claimed that the concept of public health regulation flew in the face of liberty
  • Royal Commission on Employment of Children in the Mines

    they were worried about the comditions of the mine. The deaseses that were getting spread throught the mind and the peoples mental state. Investigaters scaned the mined for the conditions and the well being of the mines
  • Rivers and Harbors Act

    The act is primarily aimed at preservation of navigable waters, but under Section 13 it becomes unlawful to throw garbage and refuse into navigable waters except with a Corps of Engineers permit. One exception is for liquid sewage from streets and sewers. Violators would be fined up to $2,500 and imprisoned up to one year. The new law consolidated four previous laws and had farreaching implications. Dumping oil, acids or other chemicals into streams was now prohibited insofar as navigation was o
  • Water pollution lawsuit

    The state of Missoui sues the state of Illinois and the City of Chicago's sewer system for polluting the Mississipi. US Supreme Court allows the Chicago city sewer department to maintain a canal draining city sewage into the Des Plaines River and, eventually, the Mississippi River.
  • The Progressive Era

    pollution of gas and oil
  • Anthricite coal

    Anthricite coal strike closes thousands of factories and leaves millions without heat, rekindling interest in alternative energy
  • The roaring twenties

    New things are developing like gas and gasleaks andoil pumping stop
  • Dumping of Oil

    new jersey to stop oil dumping.
  • leaking natural gas

    leaking natural gas from nearby oilfields devastates school in new London, texas, killing 295 students and teachers
  • Smog

    smog is thick in St. Louis it lasted for weeks and killed many people
  • WWll and the Fifties

    their weere alot of act and treatys to help with the stop of pollution and dumping
  • federal water pollution act

    Federal water pollution control act. Active and senate public works committee interest in water pollution
  • air pollution control act

    • air pollution control act- clean air act of 1963 and subsequent legislation
  • the 70's

    Agencys and councils are created
  • Natural resources defense council

    Natural Resources Defense Council is created
  • Environmental protecion act

    environmential protection act is created
  • the 80's

    Making of act to stop polluion or minimize it
  • National Security Act

    National Security Act, mandates all gasoline be blended with a minimum of 10 percent grain alcohol ( Gasohol)
  • Plastic Pollution Research and Control Act

    Plastic Pollution Research and Control Act passes us congress, forbidding ocean dumping of plastic materials.
  • the 90's

    More acts and treatys
  • Clean air Amendments

    Clean air act amendments strengthen rules on Sox and NOx in reducing acid rain
  • UN Antarctica treaty

    UN Antarctica treaty prohibits mining, limits pollution and protects animals
  • Period: to

    Air and Water timeline

  • The 21st centery

    comtamination and distasters
  • Bad drinking water

    environmental working group reports drinking water for more than 7 million Californians and millions of others are contaminated with Perchlorate, a chemical that disrupts child development and may cause thyroid cancer.
  • katrina

    Katrina makes land fall killing 1,464 people, destroying homes and littering new Orleans making it one big dump
  • Jilin

    explosion in jilin petrochemical refinery releases 100 tons of toxic chemicals into the Songhua river, it shuts down drinking what supplies
  • Toxic waste

    , toxic waste dumping into ivory coast kills 17 make 70, 000 people sick. The oil was dumped by trading company trafugura
  • Coal ash

    tennessee over a billion gallons of coal fly ash sludge spills out of a holding dam near kinsort