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  • William Burrows & Cyberpunk

    William Burrows & Cyberpunk
    Production of a non-linear form of writing, using cut-up technique to produce fragmented stories. This technique produced a paranoiac view of life inside a large, dysfunctioning machine.
  • Project X

    Project X
    One of the first movies to explore the genre of cyberpunk. A movie which mixes mystery with sci-fi as a mans vital memories are being suppressed, so the authorities use ultra-advanced technologies to try to uncover the secret.
  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner
    A depiction of the relationship between mechines and humanity, capturing the quintessence of the cyberpunk aesthetic.
  • Burning Chrone- Novel

    Burning Chrone- Novel
    Cyberspace was first used by William Gibson, a sci-fi novelist, to described as the mass consensual halluciation in computer networks.
  • Author K.W Jeter

    Author K.W Jeter
    'Dr Adder' and 'the Glass hammer' publish in 1984 and 1985 respectively were two novels which highlighted the dark underside of the genre of cyberpunk.