(CV) How Starbucks Saved My Life, Michael Gill Gates, Non-Fiction, 263

By Cicali
  • pg.1-56

    Mike gets laid off from his job at J. Walter Thompson Advertising and realizes that he has no idea where his life went. He got a divorce from his wife for cheating and had no money. Sitting inStarbucks one day, a young African American lady offers him a job as a joke, but he takes it, thinking it's his only opporutunity to fix his life. Pg. 56
  • pg. 56-106

    Mike starts his job at Starbucks and after cleaning the bathrooms spotless, he gets promoted to working the cash register, which he is dreading. He has different flashbacks to when he was younger, about his father. While on the register, many people notice that he is new and they welcome him in with smiles. Pg. 50
  • pg. 107-160

    One of Mike's daughters stops by and they have a nice little chat. He gets to know the customers better, and really know their stories. He opens with Crystal for the first time, unloads the pastries and does a good job doing it. He also reflects to when he "ran in front of the bulls", a dare from when he met Hemmingway in Spain. pg. 53
  • pg.161-193

    As Mike is taking out the trash for the store, he runs into an old friend, Benjamin. Benjamin doesn't make fun of him for working such a 'low job' compared to Mike's previous job. As they are closing up the store, a customer won't leave and then threatens Mike with a knife. Kester steps in and the guy backs down. Mike also starts up coffee tastings so people get to know more of the coffee and history of flavors and blends. Pg. 32
  • pg. 193-234

    Mike attends an open forum for Starbucks and learns more about how the business is doing. Crystal recieves the Manager of the Quarter Award. Tawana, clearly out to get Mike, tells Crystal that Mike is going over the amount when he weighs the money after shifts. This is cause for a write-up, but Crystal lets him off the hook. Abe then comes to offer Mike a job closer to his home, since his commute is an hour and a half away. pg. 41
  • pg. 235-262

    Mike upgrades once more to the 'bar', the place and honor to make the drinks. It's a hard job, but Mike gets the hang of it fast. After talking with Crystal, Mike decides to move down to a Starbucks closer to his apartment. He comes in and works his shifts . After his shift is over, Anthony calls him back to the office. There stands Crystal, Kester, Charlie, Anthony and Bianca. They take him to a bar for drinks and they all say goodbye. pg 27