• "Orange is the New Black" (NETFLIX)

    Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” is released, featuring Laverne Cox, a black transgender actress.
  • "The Fosters" (ABC FAMILY)

    ABC Family’s popular show “The Fosters,” follows two lesbian mothers and their children. In later seasons, several transgender actors are added to the cast.
  • Jay Dresses as a Nerd

    Jay dresses up like a nerd to celebrate his 13th birthday with Bryce’s male friends.
  • Jay Turns 13

    Jay turns 13 and celebrates with family at a Mexican Restaurant.
  • Medicare Exclusion Reversed

    Medicare exclusion of trans individuals reversed, will now cover SRS surgeries.
  • Laverne Cox on TIME

    Laverne Cox became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time magazine.
  • Laverne Cox Nominated for an Emmy

    Laverne Cox becomes first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy in the acting category.
  • Jay Begins Transition

    Jay officially begins his medical transition with his first hormone-blocking shot.
  • "Transparent" (AMAZON)

    Amazon’s “Transparent” wins a Golden Globe for Television Comedy, and the show’s star, Jeffrey Tambor, wins Best Actor.
  • Obama Addresses Trans Citizens

    President Obama mentioned transgender people in his State of the Union address, a presidential first.
  • Jay & Bryce Talk About School Bullying

    Jay and Bryce talk about homework and bullying problems at school.
  • Caitlyn Jenner Comes Out

    Caitlyn Jenner comes out as a transgender woman.
  • Caitlyn Jenner on Vanity Fair

    Caitlyn Jenner introduces herself and her new body on the cover of Vanity Fair.
  • Jay's Hormone Therapy & Bryce's Reaction to Cost

    Jay goes to the doctor to talk about next steps in hormone therapy but Bryce gets emotional when the costs start to add up.
  • "I Am Jazz" (TLC)

    "I Am Jazz" first airs on TLC.
  • Film: "The Danish Girl"

    “The Danish Girl” is released, a film following Lili Elbe, the first known recipient of sex reassignment surgery.
  • Night Before Jay's Surgery

    The night before surgery, Jay talks about his expectations and anxiousness with his mom.
  • Jay's Hormone Implant Surgery

    No longer wanting shots, Jay undergoes surgery for a hormonal implant in his arm.
  • Mildred Finds Out

    Mildred finds out Jay is trans and he must confess his secret to her in the tearful phone call.
  • Mildred Didn't Tell Anyone

    Jay comes home from school to report that, surprisingly, Mildred hasn’t told anyone. Bryce teases him for having a hickey, which he denies.
  • Jay Turns 14

  • Jay Plays Video Games with Tyler

    Jay plays video games with Tyler - a trans friend in the army. They discuss trans military bans and recount the night Jay came out to his mom.
  • Jay Skateboards with Tyler

    Jay skateboards with Tyler. They discuss hormone therapy and Mildred.
  • North Carolina Passes HB2

    North Carolina passes House Bill 2, banning trans youth from using their preferred bathroom.
  • Bryce Takes Jay to the Gym

    Bryce takes Jay to the gym for the first time so he can do exercises to flatten his budding chest.
  • Trump's Candidacy

    Donald Trump announces candidacy.
  • Jay & Mildred Play Soccer

    Jay and Mildred play soccer and push each other on a tire swing. They discuss Mildred’s upcoming Quinceanera and how Jay will be her date.
  • Jay Gets Haircut from Jerrin

    Jay gets a haircut from his barber Jerrin as they discuss testosterone.
  • Jay Talks to Therapist About Coming Out

    Jay talks to his therapist about one day coming out and his relationship with his step-dad.
  • Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

    50 deaths occurred at this gay club shooting, most of them from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Jay & Bryce at Dinner Talk About Mildred Break Up

    The dinner discussion between Jay and Bryce gets tearful when they discuss the fact that Mildred and Jay broke up and Bryce outed Jay to Mildred’s mother.
  • Jay Comes Out in YouTube Video

    Jay comes out as trans in a YouTube video before talking to his biological father on the phone.
  • Evening before Jay's First Day of High School

    It’s the night before the first day of high school and Jay talks to Tyler about his expectations.
  • Bryce Drives Jay to First Day of High School

    Bryce proudly drives Jay to his first day of high school.
  • Jay & Doctor Talk About Growing and Meds

    Jay goes to the doctor’s to talk about how he’s not growing and might need more meds.
  • Jay Gets Blood Drawn

    Jay gets blood drawn to see why he’s not growing.
  • Jay Goes to Homecoming

    Jay goes to Homecoming with a group of friends that includes Mildred.
  • "RuPauls's Drag Race" (VH1) Wins Emmy

    “RuPaul’s Drag Race” wins an Emmy.
  • Trump Wins Election

    Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election.
  • Jay's Hormone Implant Stopped Working; Introducing Lanie

    Jay’s hormone implant has stopped working and he’s started female puberty. Bryce has also met a woman that she, suddenly, has decided to marry.
  • US Government Passes Bathroom Bill

    The US files HB1011, a bill that would prevent trans individuals from using their bathroom of choice until they have had SRS surgery.
  • Trump Takes Office

    Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States.
  • Bryce & Lanie Explain to Jay About Marriage Decision

    Bryce and Lanie explain to Jay that they want to get married and that Lanie’s insurance will cover his medical treatments. Lanie moves in.
  • Trump's Stance on Title IX

    President Trump withdraws the Obama administration guidance on US Education Amendment Title IX, which had included gender identity as a protected class against transgender discrimination in public schools.
  • Film: "Moonlight"

    “Moonlight,” a film about the life of a black, gay man, becomes the first LGBTQ+ film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  • Jay Gets Haircut from Jerrin 2

    Jay gets a haircut from Jerrin and talks about his new step-mom and his medical transition.
  • Jay Goes to Titan's Practice

    Jay goes with Lanie to her female football team’s practice (The Titans) to see if he wants to join.
  • Jay at Titan's Football Home Opener

    An honorary team member, Jay gets to call plays at the Titans Football Home Opener.
  • Jay & Bryce Talk in Park

    Jay and Bryce talk in the park about Jay’s increasing struggles with the new family dynamic.
  • Trump's Military Ban

    Trump announces a ban on transgender military personnel on Twitter.
  • Jay Gets Haircut from Jerrin 3

    Jay gets a haircut from Jerrin and talks about his top surgery options and football.
  • Jay & Brooke at the Gym

    At the gym, Jay struggles to keep up with his football friend Brooke who talks about being gay.
  • Bryce & Lanie Get Married

    Bryce and Lanie get married in a park ceremony where Jay gives a speech.
  • Jay Gets Hormone Implant Removed

    Jay has his hormonal implant removed from his arm.
  • Jay Talks to Doctor About Growth & Sports

    Jay goes to the doctor to check on his growth and discuss the dangers of physical sports.
  • Jay Tries Out for Titans

    Jay tries out for the Titans Women’s Football Team and is discouraged.
  • Jay Moves to New Apartment

    Jay, Bryce, and Lanie move to a new apartment.
  • Jay & Bryce Meet with Gender Marker Lawyer

    Jay and Bryce meet with an attorney to file paperwork to change Jay’s legal name and gender marker.
  • Film: "Love, Simon"

    “Love, Simon,” is released, the first mainstream audience film to feature a gay lead and his coming-out story.
  • Jay at New High School & Not Coming Out

    Jay is at a new high school. He hasn’t come out and has decided not to date so he doesn’t have to disclose being trans to anyone.
  • "Pose" (FX)

    The first episode for “Pose,” an 80’s drama following the largest transgender cast ever seen on TV, premieres on FX to critical acclaim.
  • Jay Gender Marker Court Date

    Jay goes to court and the judge grants his name and gender marker change.
  • Jay Gets New Birth Certificate

    Jay gets his new birth certificate in the mail. It shows his name as Cameron and his gender as male.
  • Jay Bullied at School and Starts Testosterone

    Jay talks to his mom about being bullied at school and starts his testosterone shots.
  • Changes in Kansas Government

    A lesbian is elected to Congress in Kansas and a female Democrat is elected as the KS governor.
  • Supreme Court Lifts Military Ban

    The Supreme Court partially lifted blocks on the transgender military ban, but the fight continues.
  • Jay Turns 17

    Jay celebrates his 17th birthday and ups his testosterone dosage.
  • Jay & Bryce Look at College Applications

    Jay and Bryce look at college applications.