Cultural Literacy

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In History
  • 900

    th replaced by þ and ð

    and other letters from the alphabet started to change
  • 1066

    The Normans Conquered England

    Replaced English nobility with Anglo-ormans and Introduced Normans frech as a language of goverment in England.
  • 1204

    King John lost Normandy to the French

    the loosening of ties between England and the Continent
  • 1258

    King henry II issued the first English Language Procalmation since the Conquest.

    having been forced by his barons to accept the Provisions of Oxford, establishing aPrivy Council to oversee the administrtion of the government, so beginning the growth of the English constitution and parliament.
  • 1337

    The Hundred Year War began

    and lasted until 1453 promoting English nationalism.
  • 1362

    The Statue of Pleading was enacted

    reequiring all court proceedings to be conducted in English.
  • 1381

    The Persants´Revolt

    led by Wat Tyler, was the first rebellion of working-class people against their exploitation.
  • 1384

    John Wyclifee died

    having promoted the first complete translation of scripture into the English language. (The Wyclifee Bible).
  • 1399

    Henry IV - became king

    Henry IV used English to claim the throne
  • 1400

    Goeffrey Chaucer died

    introduced an influential body of English poetry.
  • 1430

    The Chancery Office Started Keeping Records

    began keeping in a form of East Midland English, wich became the written standard of English.
  • 1476

    Willian Caxton

    Brought printing to England, thus promoting literacy throught the population.
  • 1485

    Henry Tudder becake King

    Became king of England, ending thiryt years of civil strife called the war of the Roses, and introducing 118 years of the Tuder dynasty.
  • 1485

    Le Morte Darthur

    by Lord Tennyson´s was printed by William Caxton
  • 1497

    John Cabot sailed to Nova Scotia

    forshadowing English territoria expansion overseas.
  • The Middle English Period

    Summary of the Key events
  • Period:

    The Black Death

    killed an estimated one-third of England´s poppulation and continued to plague the country for much of the rest of the century.