Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Birth of Cristiano

    Birth of Cristiano
    Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, a small island off the western coast of the country.
  • Ronaldo's first club

    Ronaldo's first club
    In 1997, aged 12, he went on a three-day trial with Sporting CP, who signed him for a fee of £1,500.
  • Debut game

    Debut game
    On 29 September 2002, Ronaldo made his debut in the Primeira Liga, playing for Sporting CP's main team against Braga
  • First professional goal

    First professional goal
    On 7 October, he scored two goals against Moreirense in their 3–0 win.
  • Historic transfer

    Historic transfer
    Ronaldo's move to Manchester United was completed on 12 August 2003
  • Manchester United Debut

    Manchester United Debut
    Ronaldo made his debut for the club in their 4-0 win against Bolton
  • First goal

    First goal
    Manchester United were winning 1-0 at home to Portsmouth when they were awarded a free kick in the 80th minute. Up stepped an 18-year-old named Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Ronaldo's first Ballon D'or

    Ronaldo's first Ballon D'or
    Ronaldo won his first Ballon D'or at the age of 23. Ballon D'ors classify you as the best player in the world for that calendar year.
  • Champions League

    Champions League
    Ronaldo wins his first ever Champions League trophy with Manchester United
  • Move to Madrid

    Move to Madrid
    Ronaldo makes his legendary and historic move to Spanish club Real Madrid.
  • First goal for Real Madrid

    First goal for Real Madrid
    Ronaldo scores his first goal for Real Madrid
  • First born

    First born
    Ronaldo has his first child, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.
  • Ronaldo wins second Ballon D'or

    Ronaldo wins second Ballon D'or
    Ronaldo stashed up his second Ballon D'or for the year 2013. But was gifted this award in Jan. 2014
  • Another Trophy

    Another Trophy
    Ronaldo wins his second Champions League trophy, but this time it's with Real Madrid.
  • Another one

    Another one
    Ronaldo wins his 3rd Ballon D'or for the year of 2014.
  • Winning again..

    Winning again..
    Ronaldo wins his 3rd Champions League trophy. This time with Real Madrid again.
  • Yet, another one

    Yet, another one
    Ronaldo wins his 4rd Ballon D'or for the year 2016.
  • You guessed it..

    Ronaldo wins his 4th Champions League trophy, but 3rd with Real Madrid.
  • Can't Believe it

    Can't Believe it
    Ronaldo charts his 5th and final Ballon D'or for the year 2017.
  • Last one

    Last one
    Ronaldo wins his 5th and final Champions League trophy, but 4th with Real Madrid.
  • Moving on

    Moving on
    Cristiano makes his move to Italian club Juventus.
  • Back to where it started

    Back to where it started
    Cristiano makes his transfer back to where his fantastic career began, Manchester United
  • Milestones

    Ronaldo scores his 100th Premier League goal with Man. United
  • Last ride

    Last ride
    Ronaldo makes his most recent move to club in Saudi Arabia, Al Nassr