Band in a Garage

Timeline created by The Agarage
In Music
  • Alex

    Alex born
  • Martín

    Martin born
  • Clara

    Clara's born
  • Pavel (David)

    Pavel (David)
    David born
  • Batery

    Alex learned to play batery
  • Clara's begining

    Clara's begining
    At 2005 Clara is begining play music, at the national school music of Australia
  • International Batery Cup

    International Batery Cup
    Alex was won a International Batery Cup
  • David Football

    David Football
    David signed with Manchester City for two years.
  • Interantional Infantile Maximium Scorer

    Interantional Infantile Maximium Scorer
    David won the top scorer trophy of the England tournament
  • Creation of the grup

    Creation of the grup
    The music group of Band in a Garage was created nine of jenuary then year two handret eightteen
  • Group members

    Group members
    This grup is formed by Pavel but his name in reality is David by Alex by Martin and by Clara.
    The group was created with the intention of hanging out.
    We have known each other since high school
  • Now

    Now this four person continue with his music, they are very very happy with his work and they say: we continu with this entreteiment, work, or with you wont, and no one or nothing is stolen, what is ours.