Cosimo de Medici

  • Feb 20, 1429

    Father's death

    Giovanni de' Medici, who founded the family's legendary fortune, in trade and banking. After his father died in 1429, Cosimo continued the family's commercial and financial practices sucessfully.
  • Jan 1, 1434


    While spending money in a princely manner on works of art, public libraries and buildings, Cosimo lived as simply as any other citizen.
  • Sep 27, 1479


    Cosimo de' Medici was born in Florence on September 27, 1389, He was important in Renaissance. His name is Pope Leo X.
  • Jan 1, 1513

    Leading the city

    Leo engaged is massive construction campaigns, expensive military campaigns, and huge personal extravagance, all of which led the Church into deep debt.
  • Mar 11, 1513

    Caring for Everyone

    Cosimo was never intentionally inconsiderate of the needs and well-being of those who were beneath him in society. He was also the pop for 8 years. March 11, 1513 - December 1, 1521
  • Aug 1, 1521


    His son Giovanni enjoyed good health and was seen by Cosimo as his probable successor. From 1438 he directed the branch of the family bank in Ferrara. He received also a humanistic education, showing a major interest in music.