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Contribution and Significane of Don Bradman

  • Don born

    Don born
    He was born in Australia and he was an Austranlian crikceter.
  • Play at St. George

    He turned out for the NSW second team. For the remainder of the season, Bradman travelled the 130 kilometres (81 mi) from Bowral to Sydney every Saturday to play for St George.
  • tour of england

    England were favourites to win the 1930 Ashes series,[31] and if the Australians were to exceed expectations, their young batsmen, Bradman and Jackson, needed to prosper. With his elegant batting technique, Jackson appeared the brighter prospect of the pair
  • his pricate life

    Bradman's chaotic wedding to Jessie Menzies in April 1932 epitomised these new and unwelcome intrusions into his private life
  • cricket fame

    1934,The constant glare of celebrity and the tribulations of the season forced Bradman to reappraise his life outside the game and to seek a career away from his cricketing fame
  • In England

    Next to Mr. Winston Churchill, he was the most celebrated man in England during the summer of 1942. His appearances throughout the country were like one continuous farewell matinée. At last his batting showed human fallibility