Conner Soderstedt Social Studies Timeline

  • Black codes

    Black codes
    The Black Codes are laws to help control Afican Americans. They took away their rights. They couldn't own land or vote. They were unfair on the Aficans Americans. If they didn't have a job they could be fined or arrested.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1866

    Civil Rights Act of 1866
    It was a bill that protected Afican Americans rights. It gave the Freedmen's Bureau new powers, like it could set up secial courts to try people for violating African Americans rights. The radical Republicans made sure these bills became laws, and they did.
  • 14 Amendment

    14 Amendment
    The 14 Amendment is saying that citizenship can't be taken away from African Americans. It also said if a state let anybidy not vote their representitives in Congress. Another part of it said you couldn't take a persones life, liberty, or property, without prosses of law. Confederate leaders could hold office now.
  • Reconstruction Acts

    Reconstruction Acts
    It made made states that didn't radify the 14 Amendment to form new goverments. It divided the 10 southern states into 5 military districts. they all were governd by a militay genral, not Confedreate leaders they were banned. They had to make a new constitution. Afican Americans could vote. the army could register voters.
  • 15 Amendment

    15 Amendment
    it said anyone could vote no matter what race, color, or previous servitude.They thought they were done when they made the Amendment. They thought they gave the right for the African Americans to vote. So they could protect themselfs. They were wrong.