Conner Isaly, Aislinn Varella, Michael Dockx, Mykhael Horton, Tatum Rizer Mr.Kramer P.1

By avarela
  • Supreme court ruled that each school had to give an equal education to all students.

  • Heman sweatt applied to the university of Texas, but was denied because he was black.

  • Truman creates the comitee on civil rights

    This comitee is used to study
  • President Truman ended segregation in the military., and banned racial descrimination while hiring federal employees.

  • Supreme court ruled in te Brown case that segregation in public schools was illegal.

  • The 3 school districts in the south started to become intergrated.

  • The supreme court orders public school sto desgregate with deliberate speed.

  • Rosa parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus starting the MOntgomery Bus Boycott

  • Supreme court rules Montgomery's segregated bus system is illegal

  • little Rock Nine start attending Central High school

  • Ernest Green becomes the first african american to graduate from Central High School

  • Arkansas schools reopen and started integration