Computer History Project

  • Z1 computer invented

    Z1 computer invented
    Z1 ComputerThe Z1 was invented by Conrad Zuse in Germany. It was the first freely programmable computer ever. Unfortunatly, the computer was destroyed in 1943 during a bombing raid.
  • ENIAC invented

    ENIAC invented
    ENIAC ComputerENIAC stands for Electronical Numerical Intergration And Computer. It was invented by the university of Pennsylvania. It was the first computer ever invented and was quite a space consumer.
  • First Transistor Invented

    First Transistor Invented
    TransistorThe first transistor was invented at Bell Labs in America. A transistor has the ability to amplify the amount of energy that went into it. It then became one of the most important elements of a computer.
  • UNIVAC 1 Invented

    UNIVAC 1 Invented
    UNIVAC I ComputerUNIVAC 1 stands for UNIV Automatic Computer 1. It was concieved by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly, the inventors of the ENIAC. It was was designed to by sold commercially and it was a much more effecient and effective upgrade of the ENIAC. But this computer like, its predecessor, it was not a space saver.
  • Tennis For Two

    Tennis For Two
    Tennis For TwoThe first video game ever invented was 'tennis for two,' created by William Higinbotham. The game later became known as pong. The game was very popular.
  • PDP-8 Invented

    PDP-8 Invented
    PDP-8 ComputerThe PDP-8 was the first successful commercial microcomputer. More than 50,00 units have been sold at 18,000. It was produced by the Digital Equipment Corporation. For its time, the computer was inexpensive, fast, and compact.
  • ARPANET Developed

    ARPANET Developed
    ARPAnetThe ARPANET or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network was developed as a warfighting device, to transfer information and be able to survive a nuclear war. It was a progenitor of what was to become the global Internet.
  • Mircal Invented

    Mircal Invented
    Micral ComputerThe Micral was the first computer that was designed for commercial use. It used a micro-processor and it was designed to be a fast, personal computer, which means it was created so it was less space comsuming and had a user-friendly interface. For its time, it was very inexpensive.
  • Internet Developed

    Internet Developed
    InternetBy the 1970s the ARPAnet was quickly evolving into what the internet is today. Internet was short for Internetworking. The internet was a cloud in which files could be shared and displayed, and messages could be sent electronically. By the late 1980s the internet became less of a warfigting device and more of a social instrument. The internet allowed people to be connected.
  • Atari VCS Invented

    Atari VCS Invented
    [Atrari VCS](http:/ Atari VCS was the first successful video games console. VCS stands for Video Computer System. During the 1970s, over 20 million units were sold.
  • Apple Macintosh Invented

    Apple Macintosh Invented
    Apple MacintoshThe Macintosh was the first commercially successful computer to be mouse-driven with a graphic user interface, instead of a command line. It set the standard for all the computers following its creation.
  • Wi-Fi invented

    Wi-Fi invented
    Wi-FiThe Wi-Fi was invented by the military so they could connect to the internet wirelessly. It was then sold commercially. Wi-Fi was fast and efficient.
  • Google Invented

    Google Invented
    GoogleGoogle is a website that was invented to search the internet for other websites. It was very useful because if someone needed to find something on the infinitely large internet, one can go to google to find it.
  • Wikipedia Invented

    Wikipedia Invented
    WikipediaWikipedia is an encyclopedia that is established on the internet. It includes a wide variety of information in many subjects. Wikipedia offers millions of different articles in a variety of languages
  • iPhone Developed

    iPhone Developed
    iphoneThe iPhone was developed by Apple. It was one of Apple's most expensive projects. It cost 150 million dollars over a course of 30 months to develop. Over 6 million units of the origional iPhone were sold.