• Blaise Pascal

    Blaise was born
  • Invention

    Invented the Pascaline.
  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born
  • Blaise Pascal

  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

    He died by age
  • Charles Babbage

    Birth of Charles
  • Ada Lovelace

    Ada Lovelace was born
  • Invention

    Presented his machine (difference engine) to the Royal Astronomical Society
  • Nokia

    Nokia was made by Fredrik Idestam
  • Vacuum Tube

    John Ambrose Fleming made the first Vacuum Tube
  • Alan Turing

    Alan Turing was born. (he was sort of Gay)
  • Samsung

    Samsung was made by Lee Byung-chull
  • Transistor

    The first transistor was made by William Shockley.
  • Steve Wozniak

    SSteve Wozniak was born
  • Alan Turing

    He died because of suicide. He was being tired of getting treated badly
  • Tim Berners-Lee

    He was born in london June 8, 1955
  • Bill Gates

    Birth od Bill Gates
  • Microprocessor

    The microprocesser was invented
  • Windows

    The first program by Bill Gates, "Windows" was released!!
  • RotMG (Realm of the Mad God)

    Realm of the Mad God released!!
  • Call Of Duty MW3

    Call of Duty MW3 was released!!