computer history

By aje2015
  • the differential analyser

    the differential analyser
    differantial analyzer<a
    the differential anyalyser was the first serious attempt to design a computer to carry out scientific computations. Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis designed a mechanical device similar as early as 1836.
  • first computer invented ENIAC

    first computer invented ENIAC
    eniacThe Electronic Numerical Intergrater and computer was thefirst computer invented for military purposes. the computer was built by the university of pennsylvannia and costed 6 million in curent terms.
  • IBM 650 magnetic drum calculator

    IBM 650 magnetic drum calculator
    ibm 650The first mass produced computer selling 450 in a year. It allowed rapid data access. 2000 were produced in total.
  • PDP-8

    PDP-8Made by the digital equipment Corp. the PDP-8 was the first succesful minicomputer, that sold for $18,000. the cheif designer was Edson de Castro.
  • Arpanet or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

    Arpanet or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
    arpanetthe worlds first network which was later made into the global internet. ity was first made for military use. It was meant to be a network for data.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    appleiithe first highly successful minicomuter That was mass produced. The original Price was 1298 Us dollars. The appleII had a MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor running at 1 MH.
  • the commodore 64

    the commodore 64
    commodore 64
    the commodore sold for $595. It sold around 15 million making it the best-selling personal computer.
  • Macintosh 128K

    Macintosh 128K
    Macintosh 128k
    This computer was the original macintosh computer, the unit had a 9 inch screen and sold for $2,495 US dollars.
  • The Whole Earth 'lectronic link

    The Whole Earth 'lectronic link
    The WELLThe WELL began in 1985 by Stewart Brand and Larry Brilliant. It is one of the oldest virtual communities that is still opperating.
  • The world wide web

    The world wide web
    The www was invented by Tim Berners-lee And Robert Cailliau. The www is a system of interlinked hypertext accessed by the internet.
  • Mosaic

    Mosaic was the web browser that is known for popularizing the world wide web. It was developed by the NCSA or National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
  • The first smartphone

    The first smartphone
    first smartphone
    This was the first device that can be considered a smartphone with the ability to play games, receive emails,take notes, and call. The IBM Simon personal communicator was manufactured by Mistubishi Electric Corp.
  • The First ipod

    The First ipod
    first ipod
    These devices produced by apple are used for storing audio recordings. For 400 dollars you got 1000 songs worth of storage. Now ipoods have up to 160 gb compared to the original 5.
  • The macbook Pro

    The macbook Pro
    macbook pro
    These laptops made by apple run on the OS X operating system. Laptops such as these had become very small compared to early computers weighing a mere 5 lbs. and being 14 inches wide by nine inches long and only 1 inch thick.
  • the ipad

    the ipad
    the ipad
    The first tablet introducedd by the apple corp. This tablet is popular for its touch screen display and applications downloadable through the app store.