Comparative timeline

  • Australia's sesquicentenary

    On January 26th 1938 the colonies celebrated Australia's 100th anniversary but the Indigenous Australians boycotted the event.
  • Period: to

    Comparative timeline

    To compare the land rights movement in Australia with the civil rights movement in America.
  • Montgomery bus boycott

    On December 1st 1955 Rosa Parks an African-American women refused to give up her seat to a white person and move to the coloured section of the bus.
  • I Have a Dream

    Martin Luther King delivered his speech 'I Have a Dream' on the steps of Lincoln Memorial Washington DC as part of the Washington Freedom Rally.
  • Wave Hill walk

    In August 1966 Vincent Lingiari and the Gurunji community walked off the Wave Hill station that was orginially for fair wage but then evolved into land rights.
  • Martin Luther King's death

    On April 4th 1968 Martin Luther King was shot dead on the balcony of his hotel room at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis Tennessee by James Earl Ray who didn't believe that the African-Americans should have rights.
  • Land back

    On August 16th 1975 Prime Minister Gough Whitlam gave the Indigenous people 3300 square kilometres of land back. He symbolised this by pouring soil into Vincent Lingirari's hands.
  • Sorry

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said sorry to the Stolen Generation.