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    Cave Drawlings

    Cave Drawlings
    the oldest cae drawings are fourty thousand years old and found in a cave on the indonesian islands of sulawesi this particular painting was made by the natives of these islands. national geographic
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    The Alphabet

    The Alphabet
    the english alphebet was a kind of branch from the greek alphabet. shakespheare really brought the english alphebet to life around the stone ages info from
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    johanns gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450 witch quickley developed in other countrys around the world. Fun fact one of bengirman franklens many jobs was printing a local newspaper with a printing press. history
  • Type Writter

    Type Writter
    invinted by henry mill in1714 an anartifical writting machine type letters one at a time. this invention had quite the use span untel people were able to print out their work
  • Telegraph

    in 1843 samul morse in vented the telegraph to transmit messages through MORSE code. Makes sense to name an invention after your self.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    al gore claimed to invent the internet but in a 1999 interveiw said he didnt the internet was invented around the 1960 by a mall group of people
  • Skype

    skype was invented in 2003 conecting people by video chat across the world. face time simmilar to skype but for iphone also connects people through video chat. estien