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  • Jan 1, 1246

    sign language

    it was invented so peaple how could not hear or speak could communacate to other humans
  • braille

    braille is a like words for blind people it is a series of dots
  • radio

    the radio is a not an amazing thing all it dose is make sound
  • when the phone was invented

    when the phone was invented
    The telephone was invented in March of 1876. The famous incident in which Alexander Graham Bell spilled acid on himself and called out to his assistant, Watson, not realizing his voice was being carried over the telephone was on March 10.
    The invention was patented on January 30, 1877 by Bell. Read more:
  • cell phone

    the cell phone is a basic potible phone
  • news paper

    The newspaper has many forerunners. You could argue that the earliest recorded 'newspaper' appeared back in 59 B.C as the Roman Acta Diurna, which consisted of white boards displayed in popular places to keep citizens informed of current events. 8th century China featured handwritten newssheets. The invention of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg in 1447 facilitated printed newsletters and information pamphlets, which - along with handwritten versions - circulated in 1400s Europe.
    However th
  • itouch

  • wifi

    wi fi is very intresting it is a wiles version of internet
  • smoke signal

    In Ancient China, soldiers stationed along the Great Wall would alert each other of impending enemy attack by signaling from tower to tower. In this way, they were able to transmit a message as far away as 750 kilometres (470 mi) in just a few hours. Polybius, a Greek historian, came up with a more complex system of alphabetical smoke signals around 150 BC. He invented a system of converting Greek alphabetic characters into numeric characters. It was devised to enable messages to be easily sign
  • email

    i have no i dear when it was invented ok